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International Recovery Platform

Integrating social, economic and environmental concerns in recovery

The Special Event organized by International Recovery Platform at the second session of the Global Platform in Geneva, Switzerland in June 2009

The International Recovery Platform (IRP) Special Event dwells on the theme "Integrating Social, Economic, and Environmental Concerns in Post-Disaster Recovery" to further promote more coherent and holistic recovery approach. It serves as venue to discuss different mechanisms for integrating recovery issues and specific measures to address them. With recent disaster experiences as reference, gaps and constraints that are recently experienced in post-disaster recovery operations will be identified, considering the backdrop of PDNA process, Japanese technical expertise, greening recovery approaches, and suggested measures drawn from the International Recovery Forum held January 2009. Outputs of this Special Event include concrete recommendations to build back better and to accelerate implementation of HFA.

Organizer: International Recovery Platform, Governments of Japan and Italy, UNISDR
Facilitator: Mr. Praveen Pardeshi of UNISDR


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