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International Recovery Platform

International Recovery Forum 2010

International Recovery Forum is an annual event of the International Recovery Platform (IRP) for exchange of experiences from ex-post recovery. It serves as venue to discuss and explore specific measures to address gaps in recovery practices and resources. This year, the IRF2010 was held on 16th January at Portpia Hotel, Kobe, Japan.



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>Concept Note

>IRF 2010 Program


     ・   Special Report : 
           L'Aquila Earthquake of 2009
        Presented by Mr. Guido Bertolaso, Head of Civil Protection,
        Government of Italy

  ・ Current Recovery Status Report : 
          Sichuan Earthquake of 2008

    Presented by Mr. Gou Xing Yuan, Deputy Director-General of 
           Civil Affairs, Sichuan Province, People's Republic of China

    ・ Recovery Status Reports : 
           Learning's from long term recovery operations
    Presented by Dr. T. Yoyok Wahyu Subroto, Dean, Department
           Gadjah Mada University, Republic of Indonesia

Recovery Status Reports :  
           Bam Earthquake of 2003 Presenter
     Presented by Mr. Majid Joodi, General Manager,
           Housing Foundation of Iran,
           Islamic Republic of Iran

     ・  Recovery Support Services :
            IRP Support Activities
    Presented by Mr. Sanjaya Bhatia, 
            Knowledge Management Officer, IRP 

     ・  Recovery Support Services : 
           IRP PDNA Workspace
           Presented by Mr.Hossein Sarem Kalali, 


    ・   Presentations before the Panel Discussion : 
           Development of Recovery and Rehabilitation Measures
           Presented by Mr. Koresawa, 
           Executive Director, Asian Disaster Reduction Center

    ・   Presentations before the Panel Discussion : 
           Presented by Mr. Shaukat N. Tahir, Senior Member, 
           Prime Minister's Secretariat, 
           Government of Pakistan


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