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International Recovery Platform

2008 Caribbean all-hazards conference


Over the years the need has surfaced for a more Caribbean focused conference on all possible disaster hazards. This conference seeks to bring together government agencies, academic institutions, and private sector for information exchange, dialogue and development of methods and practice to reduce the harmful impacts of hazards and disasters in the Caribbean Region.

The 2008 Caribbean All-Hazards Conference topics cover the gamut of factors contributing to hazards and disasters in the Caribbean Region, with a focus on the independent nations and territories of the United Kingdom, France, and Netherlands. This event is structured with a focus on case-study presentations and general discussions as well as facilitated interaction among participants in a conference setting.

Topics may include, but are not limited to the following:


Additional information

Target audience

emergency management personnel, political leaders, researchers, economic sector officials, educators, media personnel, meteorologists.

How to register

Online, please visit

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