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International Recovery Platform

Damage and needs assessments for post-disaster recovery


Day1: January 30, 2006
Opening Ceremony:
Giuseppe Deodato, General Director Development Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italy
Claudio Lenoci, Director ILO Rome
Andrew Maskrey, UNDP, Chairman of the IRP Steering Committee

Morning session: review of recent experiences
Presentation of Session
Facilitator: Thomas Schaef, GTZ

Gujarat earthquake 2001 - Tsunami experience
Speaker: P.K. Mishra, Member Secretary, NCR Planning Board

Peru earthquake 2001 (UNDP, ILO and Habitat)
Speaker: Fernando Ramirez, La Red Red de estudios sociales en prevencion de desastres en America Latina

Caribbean hurricanes 2004 (UNDP)
Speaker: Angeles Arenas, UNDP

Tsunami affected countries: Experience of Joint WB-UN Needs Assessment
Speakers: Praveen Pardeshi UNISDR (Indonesia), Hossein Kalali UNDP (Maldives), Kamal Kishore UNDP (India), D. Kiniger-Passigli ILO (Sri Lanka)

Pakistan earthquake 2005 (Experience of UN system assessment)
Speakers: Rashid Amjad, ILO, Jennifer Worrell, UNDP, Peter Reid, FAO

Afternoon session: application of damage & needs assessment methodologies
Presentation of Session
Facilitator: Max Dilley, UNDP

Data collection and management in the humanitarian phase (UNDAC/HIC methodologies)
Speaker: Ricardo Mena, OCHA/UNDAC

Recovery assessment experience and lesson learnt from Bam to Pakistan (IFRC)
Speaker: Robert Mister, IFRC

Livelihoods and employment rapid assessment and monitoring
Speaker: Jeff Johnson, ILO

Poverty and social impact assessment methodology
Speaker: Michael Cichon, ILO

Improved food security needs assessment
Speaker: Gunter Hemrich, FAO

Data collection for recovery by national governments, regional organizations and UN system in Latin America
Speaker: Andres Velazques, La Red – Red de estudios sociales en prevencion de desastres en America Latina

Data collection methodology in Tsunami Assessment
Speaker: Julio Serje de la Ossa, UNDP

Applications of the ECLAC methodology in Latin America and Asia: review of the progress and adaptations in light of recent experiences
Speaker: Ricardo Zapata, ECLAC

Day 2: January 31, 2006
Day one wrap up: Donato Kiniger-Passigli ILO/Crisis
Way forward to develop and apply a shared damage and needs assessment methodology
Speaker: Thomas Schaef, GTZ

Two parallel workshops
Working Group 1:
Parameters and characteristics of Post-disaster Needs Assessment Methodology
Facilitator: Jeff Johnson, ILO
Rapporteur : Hossein Kalali, UNDP
Working Group 2:
Parameters and characteristics of Disaster Damage Data analysis and monitoring
Facilitator: Praveen Pardeshi, UNISDR
Rapporteur: Antonio Cruciani, ILO

Plenary discussion
Presentations and discussion on the results of the workshops, agreement on next steps and outline of practical guidelines
Chair: Richard China, FAO
Workshop’s wrap up by Richard China, FAO; Alfredo Lazarte, ILO/CRISIS and Andrew Maskrey, IRP Chairman.


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