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International Recovery Platform

Good Practice Guidance for the Private Sector in Recovery Activities

The private sector has already played an important role in relief for the flood affected townships and will play a still greater role as we take the steps toward recovery, supporting the re-establishment of homes, facilities, livelihoods and services. With this comes the opportunity to “build back better” – making activities more inclusive and better adapted for Myanmar’s future, making infrastructure more resilient and disaster resilient, and promoting approaches to re-establish livelihoods and independence that can better protect Myanmar’s people. Some groups tend to be left out, such as the elderly, the very young, female-headed households, people with disability and chronic illness. Some are also often missed when planning how and where to rebuild - especially women and those living in poverty. This short document draws on development good practice and experience, both from Myanmar as well as internationally, to share ways in which the private sector can use its investments to strengthen recovery activities.

Tools and Guidelines

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