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International Recovery Platform

The Gorkha Earthquake, Nepal, 2015

The Gorkha Earthquake, which struck Nepal on 25 April 2015, caused widespread damage and loss of life across almost 50% of the country. A Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) identified 32 districts as earthquake affected, across five different categories of impact: severely hit, crisis hit, hit with heavy losses, hit, and slightly affected. This report focuses on the moderately, or less, affected districts; those in the 'hit with heavy losses', 'hit', and 'slightly affected' categories. Comparing the grant disbursement data for the 14 most affected districts and the 18 moderately affected districts it is clear that there is a big difference in the progress between the two groups. Due to funding gaps, The Housing Recovery and Reconstruction Platform (HRRP) does not have a presence in the 18 moderately affected districts but in February, March, and April 2018, HRRP conducted field visits to all of these districts to document the reconstruction status and identify opportunities to address issues related to housing reconstruction. This updated overview is based on the information collected during those field visits, information collected in July 2018 through a survey with NRA, Building DLPIU Engineers, and further analysis conducted by the HRRP team at national level.

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