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International Recovery Platform

This Modernisation Plan is a description of the modernisation goals for Nicaragua's meteorological, hydrological and climate services and the results expected. Furthermore, the plan is a useful tool to manage the expectations of stakeholders and serves also to coordinate resources with all institutions involved. The modernisation process focuses mostly on strengthening the National Territorial Studies Institute, Nicaragua's main supplier of hydrometeorological and climate services, though the plan's scope is applicable to other hydrometeorological and climate service providers. The experience in many countries that have undertaken such a process has shown that the modernisation of hydrometeorological services must tackle three areas in a complementary manner: Institutional strengthening Modernisation of the observation and forecasting infrastructure Improvement in the provision of services. The plan puts forward 22 activities grouped into the three areas and is structured along a six-year period, with activities to be implemented in the short (one to three years) and middle term (four to six years). The document contains a summarised description of the 22 activities proposed and the expected results. Ultimately, this plan will serve to support the resilient development of Nicaragua to climate variability and change by means of strengthening and integrating the quality and availability of climate, meteorological and hydrological information and services.

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