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International Recovery Platform

This report sets out to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of recovery governance in Queensland, and to identify enhancements that would lead to better local-level community recovery and community outcomes. The expectations statement sets the measures for this review, which examines data from specially-commissioned research, current legislation, plans and guidelines, a survey, and many interviews. In these, the authors started with the stories of those who have been involved in recovery. The review finds that a great challenge for the state will be to change the cultural approach towards recovery, so those at the community level actively strive to become involved. Efforts should centre around ensuring recovery is given appropriate priority by all agencies. Recommendations are aimed at those key aspects that government should influence directly. Queensland has the structures, arrangements and plans in place to manage and support community-led recovery. Structural adjustments will improve efficiency and communication. There is an opportunity to develop tools to help practitioners support community participation in recovery. There is also an opportunity to change the culture about recovery, to make this long, complex stage of disaster management work even better for the benefit of all Queenslanders.

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