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International Recovery Platform

Lunawa Environmental Improvement and Community Development Project

Sri Lanka experiences heavy rainfall during monsoon seasons. The Colombo Metropolitan region, the country's political and economic centre, is vulnerable to floods as most areas are less than six metres above sea level, and the flood damage tends to be serious particularly in the areas where adequate drainage systems are lacking. The Government of Sri Lanka had undertaken various measures to cope with the situation, and general flood control in the Colombo Metropolitan region had improved significantly in 1990s. However, frequent flood damage persisted in certain places including the areas surrounding Lunawa Lake. Thus, adequate flood control and improved drainage system in these areas remained an urgent priority. The objective of the Environmental Improvement & Community Development Project is to mitigate the flood damage by improving urban drainage and canal systems and to contribute to the improvement of living conditions of the people in the Lunawa Lake catchment area. Under the project, the drainage system has been improved through construction of new storm water drainage systems and rehabilitation of existing canals and streams. The living conditions of the area have been improved through upgrading housing, amenities and solid waste management creating a hygienic and pleasant environment.

Innovative Approaches for Involuntary Resettlement


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