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International Recovery Platform

Progress report quarter ended 31st December 2008

ERRA rural housing program is its single largest program looking after the seismic resistant reconstruction of 611,000 houses spread in 30,000 sq km of area. The program marks first time ever the implementation of across the board owner driven reconstruction with assisted and inspected construction regime, whereby ERRA is providing the housing subsidy and training to the people for seismic resistant reconstruction of their Rural Houses. It goes to the credit of this program that all the major International Donors such as World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank, French Development Agency and the UN are partnering with ERRA and the entire program is fully donor funded which reflects on donor’s confidence in this program.

ERRA training program is being implemented in the field with the help of many international NGO‘s and partners including Swiss Development Corporation, GTZ, UN HABITAT, Mercy Corp, Shelter For Life to name the few.

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