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International Recovery Platform

Impact and cost-benefit analysis of community-based disaster risk reduction in Bangladesh

“The long road to resilience” ends with three key lessons learnt and recommendations for future DRR programming: First, programmes should be planned more throughly and implemented over a longer time-frame. Second, they should be geared to build even greater hazard resilience - in particular, through raised adaptive capacity and not just an increase of asset bases. Third, they should adapt their focus and extend support beyond the most vulnerable to middle-income groups. Figure 1 on the opposite page provides an overview of lessons learnt and recommendations. The report concludes that the CBDRR programme has been successful in the sense that it created a positive impact to preparedness and resilience of local flood-prone communities. However, much remains to be done to raise resilience even further. With the impending effects of climate change, improved adaptive capacity of communities must be the goal - this will require more time and new alliances with actors that hold expertise in issues where the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement has gaps.

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