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International Recovery Platform

As part of the "Strengthening Capacities for Post Disaster Needs Assessment and Recovery Preparedness - PDNA rollout II" project funded by the European Union, several sector guides are developed by UNDP in partnership with the European Union (EU), the World Bank (WB), the International Recovery Platform (IRP), and UN Specialized Agencies. These Sector Guides will inform recovery interventions in their respective sectors The Agriculture Guide for Recovery Implementation aims to assist senior national and local governments' advisors/senior-level planners, relevant private sector leaders, intergovernmental organizations and implementing partners, in executing agriculture-focused effective and efficient recovery programmes. The Agriculture Guide for Recovery Implementation emphasizes that recovery programming focusing on agriculture can play a critical role in poverty reduction goals, ensuring that affected communities maintain their food security and livelihoods during and after disasters and build resilience over time. The guide stresses that the benefits of managing agricultural risks and associated volatility are multifold, with spillovers across development priorities.


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